Red Living Room Furniture

There are numbers of beliefs and principles that have been useful to many home owners nowadays as this provides their homes the positive energy that they need. There are many principles that can be applied to the interior design of the house, and one of which is on the living room. The living room is the one closest to the front door, and the front door is termed in these Chinese principles as the mouth of the chi, the ultimate source of energy. So, it is important for you to know where and how to place your furniture. Furniture for this room includes the sofa, coffee table, side tables and shelves. The sofa is the center of the room, and one must take note that the sofa should be arranged in a way that it will be attracting positive energy. In choosing a sofa, one should take note to avoid red sofas as red is so fierce that it is known to expel positive energy and acquires an intense feeling of anger. It is best to choose colors that will represent earth, water, and wood elements as these elements can attract positive energies and the colors will be soothing to the eyes as well. It is also important to note that sofas should be placed in the room in a way that it will not block the door so as not to block opportunities and wealth that will be entering your home.

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The center and side tables and shelves can be made from metal or wood. Metal represents strength, while wood represents the ever growing opportunities that can come to you and your family. Other living room furniture can also be arranged to follow Feng Shui. The fireplace furniture for example uses fire as the element. Fire invites a positive energy of warmth and love. If you do not have a fireplace, anything red in your living room decor can invite the element. Talking about living room decor furniture, you must always make sure that your decors will not block the door and window. As was discussed earlier, the door is a pathway for positive energies, and you should provide a clear path for this. The window, on the other hand, is the eye of your home. So, the windows should always be clear. If it is not clear, Feng Shui says that your visions will be vague and you will not be able to see opportunities. Additionally, all furniture should be arranged in a way that they are not close to the walls. Walls symbolize security and protection, and so walls should be free from any form of obstacles. There are many living room furniture stores where you can buy living room furniture that are set according to the teachings of Feng Shui. Most of the owners of these stores are Chinese so you can be sure that they have knowledge on Feng Shui principles, and you can ask pieces of advice from them as well.

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