Interior Design Trends

When I think about decorating trends today, several things come to mind. I see more and more people staying in their homes longer and investing in upgrading what they have and to make their home adapt to their changing lifestyle. Clients are replacing windows, trim, baseboards and adding cove moldings to the ceiling. They are removing carpet and exposing or installing hardwood floors. Faux paint finishes on the walls are replacing wallpapers, especially in bathrooms. In the past most clients were decidedly traditional: Queen Ann, cherry wood, polished and purposeful or very contemporary: modern, clean lines, austere or country collectible: cluttered, cutesy and charming. Now I enjoy working with clients wanting to mix the best of all these styles. Antiques, collectables and mid-century modern working together and creating an eclectic look can be enjoyed in a timeless and less trendy way. Today's biggest trend is more then a passing fad. The buzz of building green, eco friendly, sustainable design is everywhere you turn. T V programs, newspapers, magazines, books, conferences and expo centers are all devoting time, energy and space to the idea: You can make a difference in how to live your everyday life and how it impacts the planet you live on. As you become more aware of the environment, look around your home, do you see areas that need attention? What will be your next remodeling project? How will you proceed, knowing that when you upgrade, it will produce waste and things you no longer need? Where will the debris go? And the items you select to replace the worn out, no longer needed, where will they come from? How are they made? What resources are used to produce the item? This is the first step to being green. That is: To become aware.

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For example: You have grown tired of your dated 1970's kitchen. The hardware is pitted; there is a build-up of scum or missing finish on the cabinets, some of the drawers are don't close properly, the counter tops are scratched and stained. Cabinets can easily be re-purposed. Meaning they could become extra storage in the basement, garage or craft room. Another option is to add wood veneers to existing "boxes" along with new doors, drawers, and hardware to create an updated look for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. Local non-profits, such as Building Hope, will take your unwanted, but salvageable cabinets (and other building materials). You are doing your part to keep your cabinets out of the land fill, helping a non-profit and getting a tax write off for doing it!

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